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Getting Scholarships With a GED

25 January 2010 2 Comments

People completing high school with a general education certificate (GED) are sometimes limited to the types of scholarships they could receive. That doesn’t mean that scholarships are impossible for GED graduates, but knowing what requirements you should have in line to apply, and which scholarships are friendlier to GED grads will help your chances.

Have your transcript in hand, along with your ACT/SAT scores (remember the better the score the better your scholarship chances) before looking for active scholarships. Letters from teachers may be requested from some scholarship providers, if you need to provide letters from high school teachers you can always substitute letters from people you may have learned from in your high school years (try to avoid using your parents).

Your GED score total should be in the range of 2700-3000 or higher to have a good chance at most GED scholarships. GED scholarships are also usually based on a semester at a time. Finding scholarships specifically for GED graduates is difficult. We couldn’t find more than a handful while researching this topic. Here’s a few scholarships for GED students that we found:

Because so many of the GED scholarships are school based only, we suggest a search for them specifcally at he college or university you are planning on attending. Speak to admissions and ask about GED scholarships. The availability of the GED scholarships has us thinking that a good Scholarship Lottery scholarship would be a GED specific one to use at the school of your choice. Let us know what you think.


  • Dave said:

    can anyone help me find scholarships? I’m 16, I have my GED and I’m attending WyoTech this fall, if you can help me with any info at all that would be great, thanks ‘n’ god bless

  • Scholarship Lottery said:

    Give this scholarship a try:

    It has relevance to WyoTech in the sponsor and it is open to anyone frmo the ages of 16 to 25. There’s no mention of a GED as a merit, however if you look for scholarship awards they will tend to have less requirements that are not dependent on a GED.

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